Senior Pet Care in Highlands Ranch, CO

We provide veterinary services to pets of every life stage at Inspire Animal Hospital, and we love our senior pets! Once a pet is over the age of seven, their health care needs can change.

Health Issues to Look for in Senior Pets

Senior pet care begins with simply monitoring your animal for subtle life changes. As pets age, certain health problems can begin to change their behaviors and overall how they feel. Through laboratory tests and regular checkups, your veterinarian at Inspire Animal Hospital will be able to detect problems early. For example, many animals start to experience reduced liver and kidney function as a normal part of aging. Once detected, certain changes can be made to help offset these problems and help your pet live a longer life. Heart problems, joint problems and even mental or behavioral changes can take place in aging pets, so it’s important to keep up with regular veterinary visits.

Senior Pet Care Services We Provide

The senior pet care services your animal will receive depend upon his age, species and obviously, the type of ailment he is struggling with. Here are some examples of the types of care available:

  • Heart problems: Heart Ultrasound, Surgery and therapeutic services
  • Diabetes: Regular insulin injections
  • Liver or kidney problems: Dietary changes and medication
  • Joint or bone problems: Surgery or medication
  • Tooth problems: Tooth extraction and possible dietary changes (softer food)

Working with Inspire for Senior Pet Care

The senior pet care services your animal will receive depend upon the age, species and the underlying health issues of your pet. At Inspire we recommend at least biannual visits so you and our veterinarians can routinely discuss your pets and always be updating a plan for their wellness. We recommend annual to biannual blood work on senior pets. Based on the findings of our physical exam and blood work, additional testing such as blood pressure, xrays, or ultrasound may be recommended.

Your veterinarian at Inspire will also be able to recommend specific lifestyle changes you can make around the home, in order to help your pet enjoy a better quality of life as they age. This can include making changes to your pet’s activity levels (amount of playtime and walks), or changes to behaviors around the house. For example, a pet with joint problems may need assistance from you to get up or down from their favorite resting spot on the couch.

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Inspire Animal Hospital is pleased to help our clients’ pets at every stage in life. If you have a pet that is getting older and starting to display signs of aging, it may be time for a checkup. Call our office to schedule an appointment!

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